Apparently, special measures are prevailing nation-wide to ensure a polio-free state, and strict actions are being taken against people who refuse to vaccinate their children. As per reports, Fawad Khan had a FIR lodged against him upon his family’s refusal to give anti-polio drops to his children.

During a polio immunisation drive in Faisal Town, the police registered complaints against six people, and Khan happens to be one of them. The complaint was lodged when the team’s request to administer polio drops was not entertained at the actor’s residence.

Acknowledging the news of the actor getting booked, spokesperson for PM’s polio taskforce Babar Bin Atta disclosed how Khan’s driver and his family misbehaved with the team.

He further mentioned how they were informed that Khan’s wife thinks getting their daughter immunised from the UK will be more fruitful, in terms of protection against the WPV1 strain.

However, a statement released by Khan’s manager completely refutes the polio team’s claims by giving legitimate reasons supporting the actor’s absence.

“Nothing could be further from the truth as neither of the parents were home at the time of [the] visit by the anti-polio team,” it read. According to the statement, the actor had been in Dubai for PSL since February 13, and is currently in the United States.

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“His travel history clearly demonstrates the manufactured nature of the FIR and he has just come to know of the FIR through the press,” the statement added, while stating that the actor fully supports the ongoing anti-polio campaign.

It was further mentioned how Khan’s daughter is up-to-date on the vaccination process, and concrete records can be provided to support the claim. Moreover, the warning of legal action taken by Khan was also mentioned, if the FIR is not cancelled in due time.

Nevertheless, the National Polio Campaign’s efforts are clearly going strong, with hopes to eradicate the disease by vaccinating over eight million children aged less than five, all over the nation.


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