‘Nepotism isn’t there in my case because my mom is not a Star’ Amar


Amar Khan, who featured opposite Ahsan Khan in the recent hit drama serial Qayamat, coined that nepotism comes in when the one has a ‘Star’ relative in the industry.

In an interview with Voice of America (VOA), Amar kicked aside all the fuss about her being entered into the industry on the back of her mother who is also an actor.

“My mother worked really hard to enter this field. My grandfather wasn’t in favor of her getting into the acting but it was her passion and she followed it. What is wrong if people in this industry love me due to my mother, after all, she worked really hard to find her place here,” Amar shared.

“To be honest, I didn’t get a break in this industry due to her, I never got work just because of her. See, my mother is an actor, not a star so in my case nepotism isn’t there. I had to prove myself as there was no star from our three generations. I still find my mother fighting on phone for delayed payments, so she is not a star at all,” the actor clarified.

Amar has proved her acting in some of the recent hit dramas of Pakistan. Soon, she will be making her debut as an actor and writer in the upcoming film ‘Dam Mastam’ opposite Imran Ashraf.

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