‘We need to fight as one, not Muslim and Hindu’ Shoaib Akhtar


Former Test cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has advised all people out there especially in India and Pakistan to think above religion and fight against Coronavirus pandemic together.

“During the current situation, we all should work together considering ourselves as humans and responsible citizens, not Hindu and Muslims to fight with this widely-spread virus. We all know how the whole world is affected and the current time is to show unity and faith,” he said in a video on his Youtube channel.

Cricketer-turned-Youtuber highlighted how difficult is it for third world countries to survive during the current global crisis. “Countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka don’t have enough resources like European countries so it is difficult for our government to cope with the situation single-handedly,” he said.

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Akhtar urged all people to help others in need. “Rich will survive somehow but what about the poor?” Akhtar asked. “We all should think of daily wagers who are suffering through immense difficulties under lockdown situation in our countries respectively. This is the time when we all should help those people who aren’t able to meet ends,” he requested.

It is pertinent to mention here that the entire world is currently suffering through the COVID-19. Several cities in the world are completely locked down as a safety precaution. All huge gatherings, sports events, film shootings have been postponed to avoid the spread of this deadly virus.

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