Girl schooled Elan for using black people as ‘Props’


Maham, a Twitter user, was highly disappointed with the way a fashion brand named ‘Elan’ advertised their Lawn collection with black people presented as ‘props’.

In a series of Tweets from her Twitter handle of over 13,000 followers, the Twitterati explained how painful it was to see renowned fashion brands continuously practicing such campaigns to sell their product and how it hurt sociocultural sensitivity.

Maham posted a screenshot of Elan’s photoshoot post and pointed out how a black man is used as a ‘prop’.

She also talked about the recent campaign in USA regarding racism and added how it was even more irresponsible act to do such campaign during current time.

Sharing yet another screenshot from Elan’s official Instagram account, Maham said that she didn’t care to be called ‘Xenophobic’, meanwhile, underlined how the photoshoot showcased black men as ‘props’ for glamorous, decked-in-lawn Pakistani model.

Maham gave examples of other brands advertising black models to promote their new collections. However, bashed Elan for continuously pulling similar exercise into their photoshoots.

This is not the first time a fashion brand faced such a reaction from the people on the basis of racism and colorism as earlier brands like Sana Safinaz had suffered through this.


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