Uzma Khan takes back case against Amna Usman


Uzma Khan took back the torture case against Amna Usman, wife of Usman Malik – reportedly the son of the sister-in-law of business tycoon Malik Riaz.

According to the details, Uzma filed a case against Amna and daughters of Riaz, Pashmina Malik, and Amber Malik, for torturing, beating and harassing her and her sister Huma Khan by entering their house forcefully at midnight.

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Now, both the sisters have changed their statements and called this case ‘Misunderstanding’. They recorded their statements to Judicial Magistrate Naiman Nasir.

Uzma’s lawyers, Hassaan Niazi and Khadija Siddiq had already withdrawn from this case after hinting of any settlement between the two parties.

It must be noted here that a video got viral on social media in which Uzma and Huma were threatened and beaten by two unknown women who accused them of having a relationship with Usman.

After the video made rounds on social media and people started talking about it, Uzma came up with a public statement in which she asked people to support her in the fight for justice against Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik, daughters of Malik Riaz, who allegedly accompanied Amna during the incident.

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