The Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Corporation Ms. Marrium Aurangzeb has informed The National Assembly that the government is going to launch a policy to encourage indigenous film production in the country.

The Minister told the House during question hour that the present government is focusing to revive the Pakistani film industry to reduce foreign contents.

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The Minister of State said there is no official ban on the state-censored and regulated public exhibition of Indian feature films in the cinema houses under the Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979.

She said the existing policy framework of the federal government to all exhibitions of foreign cinematographic films in Pakistani cinemas is consistent to the policy approved by the then Prime Minister in 2007.

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She also told that the Central Board of Film Censors has the power to cut the contents which are against our social norms and national interest.

This is not the first time that the current government has intended to give importance to the film industry. Around a month ago, when Pakistan lifted cinema owners self imposed ban on Indian content, the Minister for Information informed that her government has formed a committee which will take measures to revive and improve the condition of Pakistani film industry.

We hope that the government actually take some measures and back young and upcoming filmmakers to invest in filmmaking.


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