There are a lot of fresh faces in this year’s nominations for the Lux Style Awards, and Hajra Yamin is one of them. The actress garnered a spot in the Best Actress category, for her performance in the film Pinky Memsaab, where she played a naïve young housemaid stepping into the glamour of Dubai.

In a quick chat with, the actress expressed how she was still in disbelief over the whole prospect. “I didn’t believe it at first, I was like ‘no, this isn’t happening!’ I’m still in shock, I haven’t gotten the time to sit and process what has happened exactly,” she said.

“I mean, look at the amazing ladies that I have been nominated with!” said Yamin, who bagged a spot alongside Mehwish Hayat, Sanam Saeed, Aamina Sheikh, and Sohai Ali Abro. “These are all very powerful actresses and I think being nominated in LSA as the Best Actress is an achievement in itself,” she added.

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“[As far as winning is concerned] I will leave it to God,” she further added, while mentioning how the triumph had exceeded her expectations.

The film managed to do well within the audience, but not as much on the box office. However, Yamin felt unfazed by all of that. “As an actor, my concern is about the critiques, and they were very positive. [The film] didn’t make really good numbers, but it did all it could,” she said.


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