Dawood-Sana story sets internet to value true love


A handicapped man named Dawood Siddiqui and his wife Sana Mushtaq set the perfect example of true love for people out there on the internet after their feature on BBC went viral.

The feature left people in tears after they watched their heart-wrenching story. Dawood met an incident last year during an event at his home. The young man was accompanying his father in some housework and had to take a long iron rod to the roof of the house.

On his way, the iron rod struck the power lines and resulted in an explosion. Dawood’s body caught fire for a while and was taken to the hospital in Lahore. Following his condition, doctors suggested detaching his two hands and leg to save his life.

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Meanwhile, Dawood was in a relationship with Sana who was his relative and they met in a family gathering. They fell in love a few months ago to the incident. “When I heard about Dawood I was shocked and broke into tears immediately,” Sana recalled the incident.

“I went to him after reaching the hospital. He had not yet regained consciousness or opened his eyes. His whole face was swollen. I whispered his name in his ear. He immediately opened his eyes. I said don’t worry, I’m here. I will not leave you,” she shared.

Sana stood firm with Dawood and decided to marry him despite whatever happened and her family’s denial. “My father said what will I do with Dawood as he don’t have arms and legs but I said I just want him,” she said.

On the other hand, Dawood praised his wife’s bravery and said she is one of the only few people who make such big sacrifices. “No one can do what Sana has done,” Dawood marked.

In the end, the couple urged the government and philanthropists to help Dawood get artificial arms and leg. “Our appeal is for philanthropists and the government to help us and get Dawood prosthetic arms and legs and support to run a business so that he can take care of his family,” they concluded.

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