‘Body shaming forced me to hate myself’ Rehan Sheikh


Veteran actor Rehan Sheikh shared his experience of being body shamed and the pain it causes in the longer run.

Speaking to FUCHSIA Magazine, Rehan disclosed that body-shaming culture at one point forced him to hate his body.

“Body shaming is nothing new for me,” Rehan replied to a question. “I had suffered through it so badly that I can’t even tell my pain. At one point, I was forced to hate myself,” he maintained.

Rehan also shared his rehabilitation from that phase and how tough it was to make a comeback. “I used to say no to every project because that stigma was attached to me that I am fat. But, then I realized that acting was my bread and butter and I can’t remain like this. It was tough but I pushed myself and decided to make comeback,” he added.

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