Indo-Pak relations are going through another bad time and while many celebrities are giving the heat to the crisis, there are a few trying to talk sense. One of them is Humayun Saeed, who is not just an actor but also a co-founder of a media production house. In a recent interview to BBC, Saeed has voiced against the ban on Indian films in Pakistan and told that Pakistani cinema needed Bollywood films because our industry isn’t strong enough to solely run cinemas.

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‘A cinema needs one new film each week. Our industry only makes a handful of films every year,” said Saeed.

People in Pakistan are not happy with Indian over banning Pakistani artists, and that is the reason Saeed used in his argument. “India has taken a wrong step with banning Pakistani talent, and we believe it’s wrong, therefore, we should not follow their footsteps and do the exact same thing by banning Bollywood films,” he argued.

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“We have all grown up on Bollywood films and have seen them through illegal means. Now, if the films are being screened in our cinemas legally, then what’s wrong with that,” he questioned.

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Humayun Saeed did a Bollywood movie Jashnn in 2009 and since then, never accepted any other offer from other side of the border.


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