The industry is full of actors who strive to make their name count, and then there’s Adeel Chaudhry who has been doing it effortlessly in music and TV serials both. The singer-songwriter, actor and model is currently playing a pivotal role in Geo’s Bharosa Pyar Tera and has left his fans raving over his performance.

Let’s just say if you’re willing to give this show a try, Chaudhry’s acting is enough to keep you hooked on it. What starts off as a role of a guy who belongs to an elite family and is good at heart and everything one would want in a son, soon begins to transcend into a role which has more shades to offer than your average lead.

His character Mikaal aspires to marry the girl he loves, and manages to do so, and that kickstarts a whole array of problems for him. The way he exhibits emotions as his relationship topples over and how his character is required to invest in another relationship soon is something Chaudhry nails right to the tee! One can actually witness the hurt, the angst, and the longing to have a stable life in his expressions which is a skill most actors have yet to refine.

Moreover, his chemistry with Komal Aziz Khan and Aliya Ali’s characters is truly apparent, as the ups and downs in their relationships will leave the viewers feeling the same emotions they are feeling. Without giving much of it away, we can only say the show has a lot of plot twists to offer, all which seamlessly blend with Chaudhry’s role. Hence, making it one of the major factors why this show should belong on your wishlist!


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