Cricket is a game where teams often compete very strongly against each other. But sometimes, players can admire and respect each other, no matter which team they’re on. Shubman Gill, a famous Indian cricket player, recently showed his deep respect for Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam.

Before a big game between India and Pakistan, Gill spoke to the press about how much he admires Babar Azam. This was special because these games are known for being intense and competitive.

Gill said, “When a player does well in their team, everyone wants to know how they do it, what makes them special. We also look up to these things, and Babar Azam is a world-class player; we watch and admire him.”

Babar Azam is known all over the world as a fantastic batsman because he’s consistently great at playing cricket.

Gill didn’t just talk about Babar Azam; he also talked about two young Pakistani bowlers, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah. He explained that they have different skills that make them special in their own way.

“Both of them are different kinds of bowlers. Shaheen swings the ball a lot, while Naseem uses his speed. They challenge the batsmen differently depending on the conditions,” Gill explained.

Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah are becoming really good fast bowlers in Pakistan’s team, and they’re tough to play against.

But even though Gill said these nice things, he had a tough time playing against Pakistan in the last match. He could only score 10 runs from 32 deliveries, and eventually, he got out. Sadly, the match didn’t have a clear winner because the weather was bad.

Still, cricket fans from India and Pakistan are excited about the next match. India and Pakistan will play again in the 2023 Asia Cup in Colombo on Sunday. Shubman Gill’s words remind us that cricket can be more than just a competition; it can also be a way to show respect and admiration for talented players from different teams.


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