Asim Azhar is a famous singer, and many people love his songs. He recently released a new song called “Chand Mahiya.” In a recent interview, he talked about how he chooses the main actresses for his music videos, and he gave credit to his fiancée, Merub.

Asim Azhar is loved by many for his music, but making a music video isn’t just about singing. It’s also about picking the right actors and making everything look good. Asim Azhar cares a lot about this, and he said that his fiancée, Merub, helps him a lot with it.

In the interview, Asim Azhar said that Merub has a great sense of what looks good. She helps him choose the best faces for his music videos. Merub also helps him come up with ideas for the songs and decides how everyone should look.

In his latest music video for “Chand Mahiya,” Asim Azhar and his team decided to try something new. They picked a new face for the video, a model named Javeria Ali. Instead of telling a big story in the video, they wanted to show emotions through dancing. This way, people could feel the music in their hearts.

Asim Azhar also mentioned that he has more exciting things planned for the future. He’ll be working with some really cool and talented people on his upcoming music projects. So, fans can look forward to more great music and videos from him.


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