Karachi Eat Festival 2017 created much buzz because of two reasons. Firstly, rain poured down as disaster for organizers and food vendors. Many faces huge loss because the event was not planned according to the ongoing weather condition in Karachi. Secondly, it was strictly declared a no entrance area for stags, even if they were brothers or son and a father. This hurt the ego of many and created much debate over social media.

But then, it started raining in Karachi, and Friday 13th proved why it is being considered as the unluckiest day of the year by many.

Some actually called it a curse or Karma because the organizer prohibited entry for stags.

And then, someone finally said it.

Just last night, Atif Aslam and Abida Parveen performed live at Moin Khan Academy in Karachi. There were multiple reports of boys misbehaving with girls, specifically, in front rows. When Atif Aslam came to perform, he noticed some boys harassing girls. The gentleman stopped his performance to warn a guy. ‘Insaan Ka Bacha Ban,’ he told to the guy.

Later, the rock star pulled a girl on stage and provided her the easy way out from crowd.

We send huge respect to the gentle man for what he did last night and hope that people, specifically guys in this situation, realize that sometimes, you have to respect someone’s decision and accept the ugly truth about your society.


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