In conversation with, Shoaib Jatt, a well-known sports journalist, shared a distressing incident with today. He was a victim of a daylight mugging where the robbers not only robbed him but also threatened harm to him and his family. Jatt claims this is part of a pattern of threats he’s faced over the past 6-8 months.

The mugging occurred at an undisclosed location earlier today, and Jatt has reported it to the authorities. The muggers reportedly issued dangerous threats, causing concern for Jatt and his family’s safety.

Taking swift action, Jatt filed a police report (FIR) at the Nazimabad police station. Law enforcement is investigating the incident to apprehend the perpetrators.

The sports community and media colleagues have shown solidarity and concern for Jatt’s safety. They urge authorities to prioritize his and his family’s security and investigate the threats he claims to have received.

As investigations continue, there’s widespread anticipation for updates on this distressing incident, hoping for a swift resolution for Jatt and his family’s well-being.


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