Indian playback sensation Jubin Nautiyal has once again graced the music scene, this time with his rendition of “Bewafaa Tu” for the movie “Yaariyan 2.” However, what sets this release apart is Jubin Nautiyal’s heartfelt acknowledgment of the song’s original creator, Pakistani singer and composer Rahim Shah.

The song “Bewafaa Tu” is already creating waves, captivating listeners with its emotional depth and Jubin Nautiyal’s soulful voice. But what’s more commendable is the credit given where it’s due. Rahim Shah’s original composition, “Bewafa,” was part of his 2010 album “Saba Ru.” Jubin Nautiyal’s tribute to the song comes as a breath of fresh air in an industry where accusations of song copying often abound.

It’s no secret that the music world hasl witnessed its share of controversies involving remakes and inspirations that sometimes lack proper acknowledgment. However, Jubin Nautiyal’s gesture serves as a shining example of artist-to-artist respect. He has not only remade a cherished song but also openly credited Rahim Shah as the original music composer.


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