The Ilmesters Academy recently held its ‘Annual Concert’ where kids celebrated colorful world of imagination and expression. The event which took place on the 14th of this month at Bahria Auditorium, Karsaz was a huge success and was attended by more than 600 people, whereas, 210 students (from PYP i.e. Nursery – Grade 5 to MYP i.e Grade 6 and 7) participated in the annual mega event.

The different themes that were selected for the event were all selected thoughtfully and carefully. Students performed various musicals and skits. The points of focus during the event were, how to think of an issue from a broader perspective and to be open minded towards it; how to be ready and confident to take risks and learn lessons in life out of those risks; how to balance each and every aspect of your life in a positive yet efficient way; how to think of oneself as an independent and a free person. Sounds cool!

The best part about these themes was that they were performed in a very interesting and catchy manner and there was not a dull moment throughout the event, which maintained the interest of the attendees. There was also a short Basant Festival (Kite Festival) in which the students showed how colourful and historically rich this traditional event is. At the same time, the students also paid attention to the dark side of Basant by criticizing the precautions that are being neglected during this festival.

At the end, there was a short skit in which students were shown as citizens from across the globe and how they were cracking jokes in and on English. The event which is based on selected themes is focused to sharpen and enhance the performing art skills among the students as well as to boost and encourage their confidence.

At the same time, the event was also the final assignment for the MYP students for their course of Performing Arts. Kudos to Ilmesters Academy staff and students for putting up a great show! Bravo!


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