Acclaimed singer and songwriter, Ali Sethi has remained a source of enlightenment and joy through his music for many. His diverse vocal range always manages to touch every nook and corner of the heart, and his latest single Ishq is on par with his earlier masterpieces.

Produced by Grammy-winning musician, Noah Georgeson, Ishq is a soulful rendition about someone on the lookout for lost love, with Sethi’s vocals taking you to mystical places like never before. Always a pro at performing ballads, the new song manages to live up to classic Sethi style, in terms of lyrics, melody, and luscious vocals all-in-one.

Moreover, the accompanying video is for-sure a treat for the eyes. The visuals encompass torchbearers circling Sethi and classical dancers doing their thing against a stellar backdrop of a starry sky, and give off a tranquil vibe as always.

Directed by Umar Riaz and featuring dancers from The Sway Dance Project, the video is a must watch for every Sethi fan and to add it to their growing collection of mesmerising music.


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