KPL president condemns punishment of freedom fighter Yasin Malik


Arif Malik, president of Kashmir Premier League (KPL), expressed disappointment over the detention and punishment of Yasin Malik, leader of Occupied Kashmir.

“The nefarious intentions to get Kashmir will never succeed. They will never be able to suppress the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination with their clever tactics. Kashmir is a reality that can never be denied,” Arif said in a statement released by KPL media.

“Yasin Malik has made a great struggle for Kashmiris along with Hurriyat leaders have made great sacrifices for the liberation of Kashmiris. We are against Indian aggression and domination in occupied Kashmir. The People of occupied Kashmir also have the right to live freely,” he added.

During the visit to Muzaffarabad Stadium, Malik reviewed facilities, for the upcoming second edition of KPL.

“The preparations for KPL season 2 have now entered the final stages. The second season of KPL will be bigger than the first season, We have to spread the message to the whole world that Azad Kashmir is truly independent,” Arif told the media.


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