Zoheb Hassan claims copyright of his song ‘Dosti’ in Sinf e Aahan


Zoheb Hassan claimed copyright of his song ‘Dosti’ in ARY Digital’s recent hit Sinf e Aahan based on Army ladies.

In a Twitter post, Zoheb shared the link to Sinf e Aahan’s song and wrote, “When will Pakistan abide by others copyright and intellectual property rights.”

Meanwhile, B&H International Private Limited, which is the copyright owner of all songs written and composed by Nazia and Zoheb, shared a statement in this regard. “It has come to our knowledge that below mentioned parties have used and commercially broadcast our song entitled Dosti, composed by Zoheb Hassan and sung originally by Nazia Hassan and Zoheb Hassan, without our prior consent or approval by producers or drama serial Sinf e Aahan,

“We therefore reserve our right to take action against all liable parties involved or associated with such infringement,” the statement read.

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