‘I’ve learned now to ignore people on social media’ says Nausheen Shah


Nausheen Shah shared that she has learned the art of ignoring people on social media.

While talking in a Ramadan show, Nausheen said she avoids giving replies to people on social media until they are too irritating.

“I’ve now learned to ignore people on social media,” Nausheen responded to the host. “Previously, I used to give answers to people that led to several controversies, but now I just ignore them,” she added.

Nausheen said its difficult to control social media as people out of nowhere writes whatever they want.

“People have open hand on social media. Sometimes it becomes difficult to ignore so then I give reply, and that reply is enough for them,” she maintained.

It must be noted here that Nausheen has often remained in headlines for her heated exchange of words on social media.


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