Illustrious figures in the industry having problematic views about sensitive topics is no surprise by now. But with awareness kicking in at a rapid speed, it still is startling to witness prominent figures spew misinformed opinions on public platforms. For some, Javed Sheikh joining the bandwagon of apathetic celebrities may not be that stupefying, but apparently, his opinions are misinformed enough to create a wild uproar on social media.

Earlier this week, the celebrated actor was asked by Dawn Images to shed some light on his thoughts about how the industry is in terms of harassment, and the #MeToo movement. Amongst other things, the actor’s views about this acclaimed movement has left the sensible part of the general public absolutely furious, and rightfully so. Here’s the entire statement:

“I think people should boycott any accused… but the #MeToo movement has given rise to a lot of stories just to gain fame. We don’t know if the accused is really the accused. There is no evidence. See where there is a man and a woman, things are bound to happen. A lot of women get #MeToo done on themselves.”

Sheikh’s ignorant stance about harassment and his claims about women purposefully putting themselves through it is highly inconsiderate, to say the least. Moreover, this victim blaming viewpoint really reeks of misogyny that prevails in the entire culture. Let’s just say the general public is in no mood to ignore his problematic views and want to give him a piece of their mind. Just the audacity of the actor talking about it so casually is too much to take in for some.

A lot have apparently lost all respect for the actor, and don’t want him to express his ignorant views anymore.

Some didn’t shy away from integrating a bunch of personal attacks.

And some wanted to press upon how misogynistic and totally unacceptable his stance is.

Some also wanted to shed light on how he’s not the only one in the industry with problematic views, and how hard they make it for victims to come forward with their stories.

Even Reham Khan couldn’t hold back and had to pitch in with her admirable two cents.

Nevertheless, it’s about time actors of such a high stature be held accountable for their disturbing takes on sensitive issues. Sheikh and his team are yet to speak up on the uproar, but we’ll keep you posted!


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