‘Yasir wanted a wife who lays down clothes for him in morning’ shares Nida


Actor-turned-morning show host, Nida Yasir shared that her husband and actor-filmmaker Yasir Nawaz wanted her to stay at home after marriage.

In an interview with Fuchsia Magazine, Nida said Yasir wasn’t in favour of her to host morning show.

“My husband didn’t want me to do morning shows. He said they don’t have a good history and that they end up ruining marriages,” she shared.

“He’s a little future-conscious and family-oriented. He wants the kind of wife who sets the table for him and lays out his clothes in the morning… I did all that in the beginning before I got busy. It’s what my husband desired, so I pampered him,” she maintained.

It must be noted here that Nida’s show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ is one of the famous morning tv shows in Pakistan.


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