‘Sadaf wasn’t the reason behind separation with Syra’ Shehroz Clarifies


Shehroz Sabzwari comes out to defend his wife Sadaf Kanwal against immense backlash on social media after they both tied knot on Sunday.

Following the unexpected criticism, Shehroz broke his silence and clarified that his current wife wasn’t behind his separation with ex-wife Syra Yousuf.

“I and Sadaf were not in any relationship when I and Syra got separated last August. Sadaf was just my colleague at that time and she doesn’t have any role behind my separation with Syra,” said Shehroz in a video posted from his official Instagram account.

The actor further said that people are doing unnecessary criticism on his current wife and family which is unbearable for him. “If anyone has proof against Sadaf then come forward otherwise don’t defame me, my wife and family,” he added.

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Shehroz, in the end, also disclosed the reason behind giving clarification on this issue. “I am making this video for my daughter. I don’t want her to face anything related to this in the future,” he concluded.

It must be noted here that Shehroz and Sadaf tied the knot in a private Nikkah ceremony at home on Sunday. The couple posted pictures of their special day on social media and just after a few moments, people started bashing them.

Netizens alleged Shehroz for cheating on Syra despite having a daughter. Meanwhile, people also accused Sadaf of being the reason behind their separation last year.


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