After what seems like a never-ending break (four years, precisely), Sanam Jung has made a comeback on TV with her new show, Mein Na Janoo. Starring alongside Affan Wahid and Zahid Ahmed, the show promised an emotional ride through its teasers, and we’re still trying to figure out if the plot offers something new to the table or is it just another reiteration of the same old tropes.

The start of episode one introduces us to Farah (Huma Nawab) and Saira (Jung), a mother-daughter duo being mistreated in their own house. It is unclear what misdeeds Farah has performed in the past for which she’s being treated like a house-slave at the hands of her mother-in-law. It is then revealed that Farah’s husband has another wife and daughter living with them as well, and the usual cruel stepmother trope is repeated.

Saira is depicted as a pious, hardworking girl who is the epitome of everything good. We also come across her lighthearted side who has feelings for her cousin Nehat (Waheed) and the love is reciprocated equally. But due to growing family conflicts, her mother’s past, and the fact that her stepsister is smitten with the same man, their love ending up in marriage seems challenging at this point.

On the other hand, we are also introduced to Zulqarnain (Ahmed), a blind former airforce pilot who is still fixated on his past. A prominent character trait of Zulqarnain is his pride, and how he refuses to be held back on the basis of his disability. Moreover, he shows a keen interest in Saira and wishes to marry her, but is discouraged by his mother when he desires to approach her.

All in all the show did not have any striking elements, but somehow they managed to deliver that the male leads have more to them then they let on. Seeing how Zulqarnain and Nehat will manage to score a happy ending for themselves might keep the viewers hooked, plus the mystery element stays intact until it is revealed what went down in Farah’s past. Other than that, Jung’s character is major reminiscent of her past characters, so no surprises there.

Nevertheless, we’ll stay tuned for episode two!


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