‘There wasn’t any hidden agenda behind meeting Nawaz Sharif’ says Adnan


Actor-filmmaker Adnan Siddiqui responded to all the criticism he faced after meeting three-time former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in London.

In a video shared on social media, Adnan said he didn’t have personal agenda for his meeting with ex Premier.

“I met Nawaz Sharif in personal capacity jus for the interest of our industry in my heart. There was no hidden agenda,” Dam Mastam producer responded to criticism.

“I asked him to do something for our industry. We talked about possible options to drive our industry to success. I asked him for benefit for film industry in upcoming budget,” he added.

Adnan asked critics to tell him where should he go to seek help if not the sitting government.

“Being a Pakistani, where should I go to find help if not the sitting government. His [Nawaz] party is in power that’s why I went to him,” he highlighted.

”I also went to PTI government. And, I will go to PPP if they come in power. I just want betterment of my industry,” he concluded.


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