Pakistan media industry is going to witness the first ever style awards in ten days and while preparations are going on full pace, there arrives a new issue, or better call it a question. Film and tv artist Mohib Mirza has refused to present award for free for all the right reasons.

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Mohib Mirza, who is also nominated in the category of ‘Most Stylish Actor – Film’ took to his Facebook page and posted the below message;

This blunt message got the attention of fellow celebrity artist and they endorsed Mirza. “Am with u 😉 finally someone is on our side,” wrote Dekh Magar Pyar Se director Asad ul Haq.  “Well they tried that with me also I told them to fuck off,” commented Ali Azmat.

Mohib Mirza HUM Style Awards 2016

While a few more celebrities also decided to back Mirza the way Ali Azmat and Asad ul Haq did, other remained neutral on the issue. “Mohib has a right to have his opinion. His reservations must be looked into,” wrote Hamza Ali Abbasi.

In an interview with Hipinpakistan, actor and host Faysal Qureshi told the he second Mirza.

“I think, somehow, I second what Mohib said and what he said is rather compelling because all award shows are sponsored and if you have not been nominated or are not part of that organization, they should pay you or offer some other sort of perk,” Qureshi said. “It happens all around the world. In short, I will say that I second Mohib”.

In same interview with the website, Tehmina Khaled, the leading lady of TakeII, the firm handling the PR of HUM Style Awards, told that she respected Mirza’s right to have his own opinion. “It is his own opinion; we can’t stop anyone from giving their opinion,” said a clearly agitated Khaled. “Freedom of speech is for all and that’s all I have to say,” it mentioned.

Lets use your freedom to have your opinion and write either artist should be paid to present award or not?



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