‘Music, film, drama aren’t haraam if they stay within limits’ Hamza Abbasi


Hamza Ali Abbas believes that music, film, and drama are not haraam as far as they remain within the limits defined by God.

Speaking in an interview with Sarfaraz Niazi, Hamza said music, film, and drama that depict the teachings of God are not haraam.

“After studying the religion, I have come to a conclusion that work like music, film, and drama are not haraam as long as you stay within the limits defined by God,” he said.

“I think the message of God can be spread through the medium of entertainment. Just like, Alif did. What I noticed is, people, start preferring craft over the message, like whose acting was better; it’s time to start saying these things directly,” he shared.

Hamza, who quit acting but then decided to work only in projects that give Islamic teachings, talked about his book which will be based on his transformation. “Basically, it’s just about why I am the way I am. Everyone always asks me questions about my journey and what convinced me that this is the reality. So, I thought that I should put it in writing in a very simple way,” he concluded.

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