Mirza Ishtiaq Baig, the ex-husband of late Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan, has filed a defamation case against his former brother-in-law Zoheb Hassan in London over some grave allegations made by the latter some time ago.

According to Express.pk, Ishtiaq feels Zoheb’s allegations against him have damaged his reputation and earned him severe backlash from people. These allegations were levied by the singer’s brother last year when he alleged that Nazia was unhappy in her marriage, and wanted a divorce. He further also accused Ishtiaq of poisoning Nazia.

As per Zoheb’s chat with a media outlet, Nazia’s doctors were certain that her cancer went into remission. “The doctors gave her an NOC, which I can show you,” he said.

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“Then she went to Morocco and subsequently Thailand with him [Ishtiaq]. Upon her return, she was coughing blood. It was discovered then that she had developed lung cancer,” he added.

“The biggest mistake we made was to give Nazia away to him,” Zoheb alleged in front of the cameras.

Nazia’s ex-husband has denied all accusations made against him and has sent a legal notice to Zoheb under section 8 of The Defamation Ordinance, 2002 along with all other enabling laws. The legal notice asks Zoheb to apologise to him and pay him Rs 1 billion in damages within seven days after which he will be required to go to the court.


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