Pakistani cricket fans still haven’t gotten over the embarrassing defeat against India the other day, with the team being heavily criticised for their poor performance. Amongst others, Shoaib Malik has been facing the brunt of it lately when a video of him and his wife Sania Mirza sitting at a restaurant with a group of friends who were smoking sheesha made rounds on social media.

Upon noticing the video, Mirza expressed how the video breached their privacy as it was recorded without their consent, and pointed out that the players and their families are allowed to eat out regardless of their performance.

What should’ve been the end of it, apparently turned into a huge social media brawl when Veena Malik piped in. The TV personality schooled Mirza in a civil manner over how hazardous sheesha cafes are for children. She also pointed out how junk food isn’t exactly suitable for the team, especially before a big match.

Responding to Malik’s tweet, the tennis star refuted the allegation of taking her son to a sheesha bar and told Malik to mind her business. She also mentioned how she isn’t responsible for the team’s behaviour, as she is not their dietician nor their parental figure.

Malik then brought up how she herself is an athlete and should be taking care of her husband’s wellbeing.

Soon after, Malik shared a deleted tweet of Mirza’s, where she mentioned Malik’s magazine cover by calling it ‘not so decent’. Mirza also added how she should be more concerned about her kids laying their eyes on her topless photoshoot. Malik also revealed how Mirza had blocked her on Twitter, and the said magazine cover had morphed images of her.

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In a series of tweets that followed, Malik reiterated how she carried the conversation in a composed manner, while Mirza attacked her character.

Mirza, on the other hand, tried to brush it all away by announcing a break.

Nevertheless, cricket matches between the two countries always end up bringing something interesting to the table.


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