‘OTT platforms provide chance to women to tell their stories’ Sarwat


Sarwat Gillani believes that OTT Platforms have given an opportunity to women out there to narrate their own stories in diverse styles.

Speaking in Time Out With Ahsan Khan, Sarwat said OTT platforms have given proper chances to actors who didn’t get a place or roles according to their skills in Tv and films.

“OTT platforms have revamped the map of quality content. Actors are getting roles of their strength and skills which is good I think,” she said.

“I must say. We’ve always told stories about women in films, in parallel cinema, on TV. But on web, we finally have women telling their own stories, which is why these stories are hitting closer to home, even if they are based on fantasy,” she added.

Sarwat thinks that OTT platforms will soon beat the viewership of television. “They will because people want to watch new things, even the people working on our television,” she responded to a query.

“When we did Churails, we also thought people will get really offended and wouldn’t understand. But the response we got made us realise that the people are ready and they want to watch,” she shared her experience.

It must be noted here that Sarwat had faced a lot of music for playing a bold role in the Zee5 web series ‘Churails‘. Soon, she will be seen in another woman-centric series ‘Qaatil Hassenaon Kai Naam‘.

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