‘People ask me for picture with hope to get married soon’ Usman Mukhtar


Usman Mukhtar shared that people really believe that if they take pictures with him, they will soon get married.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Usman said that it was just a coincidence that a couple of his co-stars got married after working with him in a drama.

“It was fun that people noticed this thing. I don’t believe it can be real but yes people took it seriously. Even, people ask me for pictures with the hope to get married soon. So, yes it often happens with me now,” Usman shared.

“If any other such case happens, then I will start believing in it because not every time it can be a coincidence,” he said with a laugh when asked if Kubra, who is his co-star in Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay,¬†announces her marriage in near future.

It must be noted here that Sarah Khan and Naimal Khawar got married soon after working with Usman in a drama serial. People noticed this thing and started making links on social media.

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