People criticize Fawad for ignoring education over gaming


Fawad Chaudhry gave another talking point to social media after sharing that his Ministry of Science and Technology is coming up with Pakistan’s first-ever gaming program.

Taking to Twitter, Fawad asked gamers across the country to be ready for the first-ever certified gaming program which will enroll Pakistan into this industry worth $ 90 Billion.

‘If you are less interested in education and more interested in video games so get ready as our Ministry is coming up with a video gaming program soon. It will help us get into this $ 90 Billion industry and it will not only be a game for youngsters but a game-changer for us,” he wrote.

Reacting to this news, people came up with suggestions and criticism at the same time as Minister prioritize gaming over education.

Whereas, there were people who appreciated this development and looking forward to the execution of this plan.


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