Our favorite trends of this wedding season


Wedding planning has never been an easy task, and if you are a couple who had plans of getting married in 2020, the pandemic may have increased your stress, to Mars and back. Here is an approach: instead of letting the uncertainty of the situation overwhelm you, make the most of this time and celebrate the union of your love, the way that suits you the best!

Let us walk you through some of our favorite wedding trends this season and help you discover the way to the wedding of your dreams!

Get the best of both worlds!

One of our favorite trends in the list of the best wedding trends this season is having splendid mehndi events with expertly choreographed dances, and just one other event now commonly known as Shalima!

This new fad in town lets you experience the best of both worlds. If you are a party lover, who loves celebrating extravagantly, you can organize a grand dholki or mehndi with top dance hits in your playlists like Telenor’s #MoreSeZyadaEntertainment wedding song and cool dance steps!

On the other hand, if you want an intimate wedding and also save some energy, Shalima – a fusion of Shaadi and Walima, is the best way to have a beautiful wedding within a budget.

Intimate weddings: be the trendsetter among your family and friends!

Yes, you read that right! Being born in a desi Pakistani household somehow always translates into a grand wedding with a guest list so long, it makes you fret about it for hours.

This season, we see that trend changing; from celebrities to family friends, people were seen opting for this new trend of having a more intimately organized wedding ceremony. You can be that trendsetter in your family and go for an intimate event yourself.

What we love the most about this trend is that, that there is absolutely no rule stopping you from having a lavish wedding while keeping things intimate with just your family and friends! This can give you the feeling of an out-of-the-world wedding, while you get to make memories with your loved ones, instead of worrying about long guest lists and large venues. With your guests list shrunk, you can also focus more on planning the theme of your high-end wedding!

Classy and trendy!

Gold and white is a classic color combination when it comes to luxurious, fairy-tale wedding decor! Complement these hues with the shades of blue, and you give the venue a groovy and elegant look.

We also spotted this iconic color scheme in the new Telenor’s #MoreSeZyadaEntertainment wedding song, which perfectly depicts the festive, Pakistani wedding outlook with an upbeat wedding song that is a trend in itself!

Whether you are an event planning enthusiast, a choreographer, or simply looking for inspiration for a trend to follow for your wedding, these best wedding trends of the season will be your savior!


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