‘Used to cry on Mazaaq Raat’s set for not getting chance as singer’ Aima


Aima Baig shared her experience of being the co-host in Dunya News’ show ‘Mazaaq Raat’ instead of a singer – the one she dreamt of becoming.

Speaking to Mira Sethi on her YouTube show, Aima said she always wanted to be a singer but just to get a platform in the entertainment industry, she joined Mazaaq Raat.

“Mazaaq Raat gave me a chance to meet those stars I used to watch on the Tv. But, being there as a co-host and not the one I wanted to be, had hurt me a lot,” she said.

“Every time, a singer came and performed in the show, I felt that I am at the wrong place. I used to take a break, go to the washroom and cry there for not getting chance as singer,” she shared.

Meanwhile, The Kalaabaz Dil singer credited Mazaaq Raat’s team for giving her chance in singing later on. “I took permission from My Abba and came here to pursue my dream but initially I wasn’t doing that. Later on, Mazaaq Raat gave me an opportunity to sing and I am really thankful to them,” she said.

Adding on, she also advised upcoming artists to be patient, humble, and follow their dream with full passion. “I don’t have as much success as I start giving advice to youngsters but whatever I observed throughout in this industry is, be humble and you will see yourself going up. Don’t consider yourself a Diva by doing a couple of projects. Take your time and focus on your work, your work will make you successful,” she concluded.

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