‘Pop in my EDM makes it different from others’ Abdullah Siddiqui


Aspiring Electronic Musician Abdullah Siddiqui said Pop has played a huge role in making his music different from others.

While talking to Express Tribune after getting his name into Forbes 30 Under 30, Abdullah explained how his Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has managed to get massive attention in Pakistan.

“We’ve had a lot of EDM musicians but I think elements of Pop in my music has differentiated it from others. The lyrics to the songs are way too relatable to our generation. This might have ticked yet another box as to why they approve of my songs,” he said.

The young musician, who has worked with renowned Pakistani singers including Aima Baig, said language barriers is still causing hurdles for EDM music to florish in Pakistan.

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“Artistically speaking, it is just as exciting experimenting with Urdu in EDM. And it is taking its course as well. We are seeing a lot of musicians who are trying to make songs in the said genre in Urdu as well. Many find it still very off-putting to listen to English songs by a Pakistani but hopefully, electronic music will become mainstream in the upcoming years,” he said.

Talking about his achievement of making into Forbes 30 Under 30, the Lahore-based singer said he still can’t believe. “I cannot believe it, to be honest. When you receive your first massive honour of this grandeur, it really humbles you down,” he said.

“All the people I have worked with so far were really supportive. I have been really blessed to work with great people and many renowned musicians who took me under their wing,” the young singer concluded.


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