‘Will learn dancing, fighting skills to develop more as actor’ Bilal


Bilal Abbas Khan thinks that he is supposed to learn a lot of things to make himself a more composed and strong actor on the screen.

While talking to Eastern Eye, Khan shared that every time he tries to learn something new from other actors and watching other’s work.

“When I see someone performing well in a film or show that I’m watching, at that moment, it allows me to make mental notes and motivates me to raise the bar for myself even more,” he said.

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“If if I get a chance to learn another skill, I would pick up a language or two, learn dancing, acquire some fighting skills and build up the stamina to develop more as an actor,” he added.

Moreover, Khan credited watching films and dramas for becoming an actor. “I have always been that avid binge-watching young adult and must I add, I saw a lot of films! In fact, I’ve watched way too many in my days! Bollywood, South-Indian, Hollywood, or any other international releases. Cinema is the reason why I’m an actor today,” he highlighted.

On the other hand, Khan also shared some of his other interests and how he spends his time apart from his job. “I have always been into video games, binge-watching and working out. Consider it as my past time activity as I’m a private person. These are the things that speak the most to me when I’m not working,” he concluded.

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