If there’s one thing that was looked forward to as much as this season of PSL, it was the anthem that comes with it. Once the news of Fawad Khan providing vocals for the highly anticipated anthem hit the block, fans have been eagerly waiting to hear if his rendition will stand on par with Ali Zafar’s previous three hits.

The anthem leaked on many entertainment portals a few hours before the release, and the reaction is coming off pretty strong. And now that the anthem is officially out, to say that it is an utter disappointment will be an understatement.

The song, titled Khel Deewano Ka, has been composed by Shuja Haider. While Khan has sung the song with extreme enthusiasm, the whole product seems off and fails to make a mark like the previous versions did. Moreover, the fans are left disappointed and are wanting Ali Zafar back. However, some believe it’s not entirely Khan’s fault, as it’s a combined effort which failed to spark the right kind of emotions within the zealous crowd.

Now that we’ve established that the anthem kind of sucks, fans are no mood to hold back their disappointment. Some are going as far as to say Tahir Shah could have done it better.

And evidently, not all changes turn out to be good. We bet Ali Zafar is enjoying this.


Yep, not enjoying it at all.

Ah yes, the question on everyone’s minds.


It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that fans are utterly distraught.

Amongst all the hate, some really don’t want to hate Khan, and we get that it’s not his fault.


And we still have some fans keeping the hope alive!


Nevertheless, the reaction is pretty interesting to witness. However, will the PSL officials take it as a lesson and learn that not all changes turn out to be fruitful? Or will the song manage to grow and eventually make a soft spot in listeners’ hearts? Let’s wait it out and see.


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