Whether it’s performing heart-wrenching scenes, leaving a lasting impression on the ramp, or belting out some amazing musical numbers, Mehwish Hayat is always ahead in the field of entertainment. And with the rise of streaming services and web series, Hayat is going to branch out and star in Wajahat Rauf’s upcoming web venture, titled Enaaya.

The project has been in the works for quite some time now, and judging by the trailer that dropped on Thursday, it seems like it was worth the wait. Hayat plays the titular character, and is joined by Azfar Rehman, Asad Siddiqui, and Faryal Mehmood in prominent roles. Revolving around the romantic-comedy genre, with a special focus on making dreams come true, it seems like the missing content that the younger audience ever so craved.

The fun-loving trailer shows Enaaya, a passionate singer with dreams of making it big, and a group of aspiring musicians who envisage her as their lead singer. Add in a monumental competition with a lucrative prize money, and you’ve got yourself a plot where making it big with your talent and flair is essential. Also, a number of emotional scenes between characters, especially the jealousy (and possibly a catfight) Enaaya sparks in another female character, makes it a rollercoaster ride everyone will look forward to.


Without a doubt, it is refreshing to see Pakistani storylines straying away from the usual, overly-dramatic plotlines and focusing on something light-hearted for a change. And Hayat seems like a perfect fit for this role, with her impeccable vocal range, and fiery acting chops. Only time will tell if a female-centric series will gain enough traction after its release, or if the creators need to stick to the same old tropes to make it big.

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The web series is slated to drop on January 21. The only drawback fans will experience with the release is that it is only available for Eros Now subscribers for now. Let’s see if it will be available for other audiences, but till then, the trailer will prove to be your entertainment fix!

Mashallah today is the release of our teaser and trailer for our web series Enaaya, which unless I'm wrong would be the first web series of Pakistan and that too for an international platform Eros Now Written & Directed by yours truly and produced by our company Gateway Entertainment. Congratulations to the team, cast and crew for coming up with such a fine product with exceptional performances by Mehwish Hayat Azfar Rehman Faryal Mehmood Asad Siddiqui Rabab Hashim Waqar Muhammad Ali Godhra Gul e Rana Shan Baig Saife Hasan Will be sharing the official trailer soon

Posted by Wajahat Rauf on Thursday, 17 January 2019


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