‘Psychiatric facility let me go on Sheikh Rasheed’s request’ Meera


Meera revealed that Pakistan’s Interior Minister – Sheikh Rasheed requested her release from the Psychiatric facility in the USA.

Meera, in an interview with BBC, shared that the federal Minister contacted Pakistan Embassy in the USA after her mother appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan for her safe return.

“Mr Sheikh Rasheed got in touch with the Pakistani embassy in New York, which requested the facility to let me go,” she said.

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“News regarding me being deported from is fake. I left for Dubai to shoot for a Pakistani project,” she shared.

Meera once again recalled the whole scenario of how she was declared mentally challenged.

“I visited the hospital because I was in depression and in turn, I was declared mentally challenged. My phone was also snatched and I was taken to a psychiatric facility. There’s a difference between madness and depression, which has to be understood. But people here locked me up. I spent an entire night screaming for help. No one came,” she disclosed.

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