‘I’m not crazy or mental’ Meera speaks up


Meera has come up with a clarification after a lot of reports went viral on social media that the actress was admitted to a mental hospital in America.

The Baaji actress told Something Haute that she just went for her Covid vaccination but the news went viral of her being admitted to a mental hospital.

“Yes, I’m depressed but I’m not crazy or mental,” reiterated Meera. “I am depressed because I didn’t get any project after the success of Baaji. This is life and it all happens but calling someone mental, spreading such things, and making fun is not right at all,” she highlighted.

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Meera said her mother Shafqat Rubab was confused and worried about her. “My mother got worried and confused after this all happened and she needed to be reassured I was okay,” she shared.

Meanwhile, Meera also claimed that several lobbies are working against her in the industry. “There are so many lobbies in play right now. There are so many crocodiles sitting in every channel. They do not approve my projects,” she asserted.

“I signed a Ramazan transmission with PTV which got cancelled last minute and it made me really depressed. But, that does not mean I am mentally disturbed or I have been admitted. Such wrong information made me upset,” concluded Meera.

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