Sharmeen’s ‘Women in Media’ narrates struggle against harassment


Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s short film ‘Women in Media’ highlights the struggle of female journalists against harassment in mainstream media.

A 9-minutes long short film has been released on YouTube and it narrates the harassment stories of veteran female journalists, Farzana Ali, Tanzeela Mazhar, and Farhat Javed.

The film also features images of female journalists who have been killed or kidnapped due to cherishing their dream to be a journalist.

“Women working in the media industry in Pakistan face intimidation and oppression often on a daily basis,” the Emmy-Awards winning director Sharmeen wrote on her Instagram.

“Through the brave stories of veteran journalists, we understand how some women have to face a constant struggle just to prove their worth in their respective professions.

“According to the International Federation of Journalists, almost one in two female journalists in Pakistan have experienced gender-based violence in the course of their work,” she added.

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