Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but what about the people with weak eyesight? Don’t they have the ability to judge or see the beauty? The answer is, they do. To see things clear, most of the people with weak eyesight wear glasses while some fortunate ones go for the Topo-guided Lasik surgery. Babar Khan, an electrical engineer was one among them who gone through this surgery at Hashmanis and can now see things clearly with naked eye.

“My both eyes had different numbers and I had to face difficulties with glasses on my engineering sites” told Babar. “My brother was operated here at Hashmanis and I saw the Lasik live,” he added. When he made his mind, Babar said that he researched more about Topo-guided Lasik surgery and found that Hashmanis Hospital is the only hospital where this surgery can be performed. “I was not much worried. I knew what would be happening. It took 20 minutes and they sent me out with perfection,” he shared.


“Topo-guided Lasik is a procedure by which we can remove the number of your glasses,” briefed Dr. Sharif Hashmani, who introduced Lasik in 2004 in Pakistan. “It depends on the number of your eyesight and condition of your cornea,” he added. Till date, Hashmanis has operated over 50,000 LASIK procedures. “The results are outstanding,” he expressed.

Through Topo-guided Lasik surgery, doctors can remove from -1 to -11 and on plus side, from +1 to +6. In cylindrical numbers, Hashmanis have removed to -6. “Right after conducting topography, we inform the patient either he or she is suitable candidate for surgery or not,” told Dr. Sabeen Imtiaz.

Saima Habeeb, another patient who went through the Lasik surgery at Hashmanis told she had lot of questions. “I went to Hashmani, met the doctor and technical staff, they answered everything, they counseled me how issues can be overcome with Lasik and what precautions should be taken during and after the surgery,” she informed. “I was very excited and a bit nervous at the same time because I was not sure what is going to happen. I went to Lasik room, they took hardly 10 minutes and it was done,” she added.

“In Lasik, we treat the front part of eye that is known as Cornea. We make a flap, lift it, and let the laser reshape your cornea to reduce your spectacle number,” briefed Dr. Azfar Nasees Hanfi at Hashmanis. “We put it back gently. And then, it’s done. It usually takes 5 minutes and is completely painless procedure,” he added.

Lasik Surgery Hashmanis Hospital Pakistan

“After surgery, we ask our patients to go home and take 4-5 hours nap. And after getting up, we ask patient to start medicine on hourly basis,” told Dr. Shahab ul Hasan. “Patient can start whatever he or she wants to do. They can watch TV, they can watch mobile, and they can use their laptops, any sort of gadgets. We usually do not apply any sort of eye bandage over there, so the recovery starts after four to five hours,” he added.

Lasik remained under constant research and international scientist wanted to show people better than their natural eye sight. “It is custom Lasik, in which we take the measurement of your cornea and then remove defects from it. After the surgery, more than 70% people see better than normal eye sight. It is even better than 6.6,” told Dr. Hashmani. Some people complain about bad vision at night when they face light or some are not satisfied with Lasik. For them, scientists have introduced Topo-guided Lasik. “Hashmanis was the first to introduce it in Pakistan six months ago. It is also recommended for people who have spots in eyes and are not able to see clear,” told Dr. Hashmani.



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