Shafquat’s loyalty for his late wife Sumbul is hard to find in today’s world


Shafquat Hussain, a young man from Islamabad, set a heartening example of ‘True Love Never Dies’ by not only showing loyalty for his late wife Sumbul but also fulfilling his dream.

Shafquat’s Instagram account is filled with posts related to the love chemistry he had shared with his wife who passed away in 2019 due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Shafquat’s life goal after his soul mate departed was just to set an example of true love and affection that nobody else did before.

In an interview with BBC Urdu, Shafquat shared that how much his wife inspired him before leaving this world. “I am so much inspired by my late wife and whatever I am doing right now is just to fulfill her dreams,” he said.

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“We met in 2017 through our families and I fell in love with her at first sight. We got married in an arranged-cum-love marriage but nobody knew it would last just a year and nine months as she had a cardiac arrest a reason to leave this world,” he reminisced.

Shafquat’s late wife always wanted to do something unique in Pakistan’s fashion industry but she went too early. However, her husband never let her dreams go away easily and decided to launch a clothing brand named Sumbo Wardrobe.


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“She had a craze of clothes and designing it. She used to design not only her clothes but mine too. She always used to decide what I have to wear and how should I look, I mean I have never seen such an enthusiasm she had,” he shared.

“Sumbul wanted to contribute to Pakistan’s fashion industry and she had asked me to open a unique clothing brand together. I promised her that in the future we will start it. After she passed away, I always wanted to do something for her as nobody else did before for their late wife,

“One day, it just clicked in my mind why not open a clothing brand as Sumbul wanted to do. There was no second thought and I decided to open a clothing brand and Sumbo Wardrobe came into being,” he revealed.

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Shafquat disclosed that his and his late wife’s wardrobe gained success in a short span of time and the money he earned from it was spent to build a Mosque and Madrassa after her name.

“Since she passed away, every single day I try to send her a gift by doing a Sadqa or something else for others. I built a Sumbul Mosque and Sumbul Madrassa in my hometown. I just try to keep remembering her by doing these things and it gives me so much pleasure, to be honest,” he concluded.


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