Actor and producer Aijaz Aslam is one of the big names in entertainment industry and has a long list of successful dramas accredited to his name. Not only did he excel in acting but since he’s divulged into being a producer his name only shined brighter!

Aijaz was guest in Iftar Mulaqaat with Hina Bayat on Geo Kahani. During the interview, Aijaz was asked questions about his experience as actor and producer. He was of the opinion that dramas consumed much time but paid off well in the end.

In a reply to a question regarding difference between dramas and films, Aijaz told that dramas were more challenging than films. “Shooting dramas is more challenging than doing films because it requires more scenes to be done in almost same amount of time,” he maintained.

He seemed a little disappointed on the attitude of newcomers and said that they had changed atmosphere. “People leave after making commitments, the commercialization element is evolving,” he complaint.

He was off the believe that a producer should be careful with his words. “If a producer gives hard time, then actor becomes careful, word of mouth spreads pretty fast in our industry,” he added.


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