Govt should set-up monitoring body for dramas, films: Sultana Siddiqui


President Hum Tv Network – Sultana Siddiqui believes that the government should now set-up a monitoring body for films and dramas.

Speaking to Voice of America (VoA), the renowned director-cum-producer said film and drama makers are currently confused about the content as love stories, Saas-Bahu Tales and all related projects often come under immense criticism.

“We as film and drama makers are really confused about the content. Love stories face criticism, Divorce stories also face backlash, and what left behind are Saas-Bahu Tales but people also have problems with such dramas so what should we make then?” she questioned.

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“I think the government should now set-up a monitoring body for films and dramas. Whatever content we feel can suffer criticism should go first to this body for approval. This body will monitor and make policies for films and dramas which will solve so many problems for us,” she maintained.

Siddiqui, when asked about criticism for promoting vulgarism in dramas and films, she said they never showed rapes and physical abuse on Tv screens. “I don’t think we have ever shown Rape and physical abuse in our dramas and films. Recently, we saw cases of teenage children being raped, have we ever shown such content on Tv?” she asked.

“In fact, we try to highlight such issues and show how to solve such mental issues and pressures in our society,” she underlined.

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On the other hand, Siddiqui also talked about the famous Turkish Drama serial Drilis: Ertugrul and said the government’s support can help them produce such content. “If the government supports us, why can’t we make drama like Ertugrul. In fact, we can make much better than this but again there should be any policy in place as we can’t show bloodshed, weapons as it were shown in Ertugrul,” she concluded.


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