The lead man of Laal band Taimoor Rehman organised a cycle rally from Lahore to Wagah border where a team of students had also cycled from Delhi to Atari. The two rallies on either side of the border had the same slogan and banners MILNE DO.

Critical Mass Lahore was supported by workers of the Mazdoor Kissan Party.

It was electrifying to see a huge banner in Urdu saying Milne Do on the other side of the border.

Wagah border

People were dancing on both sides of border but soon, forces had to interfere and people were told to stop making signals. Their banners were taken away.

Interestingly, the similar incidents happened on the other side of the border as well. “I guess both sides are scared of the people wanting peace,” wrote Rehman on his facebook. “Now we are all on our way back elated by the fact that we met and upheld the flag of peace on both sides of the border. A strong message to war mongers on both sides that we want peace and only peace between India and Pakistan,” he added.


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