‘Unfair to call AJLS copy of Bollywood film’ Bilal Abbas


Bilal Abbas Khan said people will come to know about ‘Ek Jhooti Love Story’ is not a copy of any Bollywood film as it has been released now at Zee 5’s digital platform ‘Zindagi’.

Speaking to behtareen.pk alongside his co-actor Madiha Imam, Bilal said people had judged the whole story by just watching the trailer which was unfair. “How could you know the whole story by just watching the trailer?” the actor asked. “I mean maybe a couple of scenes resembles an Indian film but calling it a ‘copy’ is unfair with the makers, writers, and obviously all of us involved in this project,” he said.

Talking about the second Pakistani web-series, the on-screen couple raised hopes of the audience which has already been introduced to Pakistani web-series with the release of ‘Churails’.

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“We have worked really hard on this project which brings something unique and special for the audience out there,” said Bilal.

“The story is not only about Salma [Madiha] and Sohail [Bilal] but it covers the story of many other characters in different perspectives,” he added.

“Ek Jhooti Love Story doesn’t highlight dating apps or fake Ids on social sites but it portrays ‘Rishta Culture’ in Pakistan in a very light-hearted proper way so it might leave a subconscious provoking point for the audience somewhere at the end,” Madiha said.

Bilal and Madiha are confident that this project will do wonders for them and asked people to honor their work by watching it.

“Just go and watch the series and I am sure, all your questions would get an answer after watching it,” Madiha concluded.

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