Social media meri waja se hai, mai social media ki waja se nahi: Nauman


Veteran actor Nauman Ijaz took a dig at social media trolls and said he gained success purely on the basis of his work.

Speaking to Voice of America (VoA) Urdu, Nauman said today’s generation feels that followers on social media can only bring success.

“Our youngsters are always busy with their phones, checking their social media following. They think if they have followers, they are successful,” he said.

“But, in my case, it’s totally different. Social media meri waja se hai, mai social media ki waja se nahi [Social Media is due to me, I am not due to social media],” he added.

Nauman also criticized bloggers for creating controversies. “There are some bloggers who didn’t get any job so they started writing blogs. If you have good English, you just start writing blogs,” he pointed out.

“Actually, social media has given open hand to write anything, bash anyone. Because, there is no one to question these people,” he concluded.

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