‘I don’t pay heed to Rants, Raulas’ Ali responds to Sakina’s comments


Ali Zafar said he tries to learn and improve from constructive criticism but pays no heed to unnecessary comments or criticism by people.

While reacting to Sakina Samo’s comments against him receiving the Pride of Performance Award, Zafar wished her luck and urged her to allow him contributing towards arts, culture, and his countrymen.

“I absorb what I feel is healthy to improve myself and my work but I also believe in paying no heed to rants or ‘raulas’,” the singer told Express Tribune.

“May God bless her [Samo] with more awards, praise, health, and happiness and allow me to do whatever I can for the arts, the artists, the culture and image of my country, and the wellbeing of its people,” he added.

Remember, Samo put her two cents on Pride of Performance Award receivers this year. “It is sad that the government has given such a huge award to people like Resham and Ali Zafar, who in my opinion don’t really deserve it,” the veteran actor had said.

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